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Outsourcing Failures: Make sure you have these 5 things covered

These are 5 huge issues found with outsourcing teams. Make sure you find a team that won't put you in these positions.

1 Availability

Ever feel like you’re talking to yourself when you’re reaching out to the outsource team you hired? Pretty weird that this happens since they said that they were “always available” should a problem arise. That part of t­­he bargain wasn’t true. What else isn’t?

Your time is precious. How much of it do you waste waiting on other people?

Way more than you ever realized, right? Trying to get in touch with people through messages, emails and phone calls, waiting for someone to be online when they said they’d be online—all those moments add up. If you spend 20 minutes a day trying to reach people, that’s more than an hour and half a week, and over six and a half hours a month!

Your time is your life, and it’s way too valuable to spend listening to a dial tone while the person on the other end has little regard for what they’re wasting. It’s time to make a change. What will you do with your 6.5 additional hours?

If you’re paying for 8 hours a day, they should be available immediately every time you call on them.

Things you could do with an extra 6.5 hours:

  • Head home early from work
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Or you could even go skydiving!

How can you trust another outsourced team if they can’t make the effort to meet with you face to face?

2 Wasting Time

Turns out that “highly productive” outsourcing team that claimed they would “always have your back” isn’t really looking out for you at 3 a.m. their time (or 3pm your time) after all.

Now you’re stressed, deflecting angry emails from your stakeholders, and wondering why the heck you ever hired that overseas outsourcing firm. We feel you. If you’ve been burned by an outsourcing company before, it’s totally fair to hold a grudge. How can you trust another outsourced team if they can’t make the effort to meet with your face to face?

But let’s say you could be won over just one last time, doesn’t it seem fitting that it should be by a team of friendly Canadians? We’ll never abandon you, and we’re always working the same hours as you, so you can reach us at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re in New York or elsewhere in the United States, we can make it to your office early the next morning. Let’s do brunch, we’ll bring maple syrup.

3 Taking Responsibility

“An elite outsourced team hardly feels outsourced at all.”

Starting a relationship with an outsourcing company is a lot like dating. The last thing you want is for the whole ordeal to end in the classic “I tried to warn you” conversation from one of your friends or colleagues. Everyone knows it, yet it happens all the time. Great businesses choose mediocre outsourcing companies only to be hung out to dry because their team is M.I.A. when they’re needed most. If someone doesn’t care deeply about your success, they can’t fully support you day in and day out, and most importantly, they won’t come through fully support you day in and day out, and most importantly, they won’t come through during high-pressure situations. An elite outsourced team hardly feels outsourced at all—they’re always available when you need them, and they want to be with you for the long haul. They’ll never miss a step so you don’t have to worry about a detail slipping through the cracks. Some might call it trying too hard, but it’s the only way to guarantee success.

A good partner’s job is to know your business almost as well as you do and better than some of your existing employees.


Even when an outsourcing team says they’re available around the clock, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easy to communicate with.

Have you ever been in that situation when you are trying to explain something that you want changed, and the other person just doesn’t get it…and doesn’t get it… and doesn’t get it… until you get so frustrated you finally give up and do it yourself? We’ve all been there. But now imagine if you have to try to explain that through email… it just won’t work out.

Dealing with these communication issues while you’re trying to get particular changes implemented on an important project is not the type of problem you want to have. Your work is too critical. When you’re at a communication roadblock, it often takes numerous tries to get a problem fixed, and you’re spending money with every attempt.

4 Easy Communication

Communication. It’s not talked about enough. If you put together a team of basketball stars, but if they can’t communicate, believe it or not they’ll end up losing. Communication is a huge part of success; no matter what field (or court) you work in.

“Communication issues cost time and money, and it’s always you that pays.”

“No sweat, no tears, no furious clients.”

When you outsource to a nearshore company, you’re able to sort out all of your misunderstandings in person. They can come down and make sure they understand your request right away, then they get it done. Boom. No sweat, no tears, no furious clients.

Magic, you ask? Nope, just a darn good outsource partner.

5 Honesty & Accountability

Nothing kicks off the day like finding a critical bug in your technology. That’s the kind of good stuff that a subpar outsourcing company serves its clients.

Be Aware of Show & Go

What’s that? Companies often SHOW their best and most senior resources to get your business, and then GO put junior, inexperienced staff on your project.

Often the work looked good and functioned properly for months, so how did you end up with this huge issue? Turns out, shoddy code and unprofessional programming can hide out for a long time, and before your tech team knows what’s happening, a full-on dumpster fire is ravaging your network. Just because you hire what appears to be a hard-hitting contract team doesn’t mean they’re actually the ones working on your project. Too often, these shady companies outsource your job to someone else, who might outsource the job to someone else. The result is a weak deliverable that throws you and your team under the bus, without enough time to hire someone else to save the project.

When was the last time you stopped in for a surprise visit?

Can you connect to your team’s environment remotely at your leisure? No? Why not?

Something so simple makes it easy to hold your outsourcing partner accountable, and will help you avoid getting shifted around. How can you trust someone with a project if you don’t even know who’s working on it?

Why not outsource to Canada and get to know a company that works for you, rather than for themselves?

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Outsourcing Failures: Make sure you have these 5 things covered
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