Full Cycle

Full Cycle

DevStaff is your true “one-stop solution”.

We’d hate to make you do part of the hard work even after hiring us. This is why we offer Full-Cycle Recruitment services.

Attract Tech Talent

All you need to tell us is what you need and we’ll roll up our sleeves and get everything done – from creating job descriptions, searching/selecting candidates, screening, interviewing, and even aid in hiring and onboarding procedures.


What’s more?
We offer in-house service for increased flexibility.

But the more important aspect of DevStaff’s full cycle recruitment is not the “what”, but the “how” of it – we have a rigorous process of vetting the perfect candidates with up to 9 stages of assessment. We have proven time and again, that perfect selection coupled with a great onboarding process improves employee retention.


While our job is to get you the right people, our true goal is to make your work easier, smoother, and faster – through the medium of recruiting.

DevStaff's Vetting Process:

Once we’ve discovered a candidate we think may be a good fit, we have a rigorous selection process.

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